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Ethical Blogging 101

On what can be deemed acceptable, and otherwise.

Blogging is an area that can be fraught with legal and ethic issues - in many ways these reflect the way journalism is affected by ethics and the law, but with blogging there's one significant difference - anybody may start a blog on just about any topic. The barriers to entry normally associated with the press are effectively gone - and passionate folk now have near absolute free reign to write whatever and however they please. [read more...]


Test Driving Text Link Ads

For fun and profit

The service offered by Text Link Ads is a little different to other advertising solutions - rather than pay per action, click or impression, payouts are based on an allotted value per month for a text link placed on a given site. [read more...]


How To Write Great Headlines

Or, to put it another way: 'Awesome Top 5 ways to get Dugg and billions of subscribers!!'

Whether youíre a blogger, a journalist or social bookmarker, writing a great headline is a must if you want to capture your readerís interest. Faced with an ever increasing wave of blogs, RSS subscriptions, and links, the headline is more important now than it ever has been. [read more...]