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There's a fine line between blogspam and self-submission

Nobody reading your crappy blog? Spam Digg and Reddit with it constantly!

Blogspam is bad. It must be; it has ‘spam’ in it. But what on earth is blogspam? [read more...]


New offensive spam doesn't pull any punches

...or should that be paunches?

Spammers have always played on people’s insecurities to hawk their wares, but the worst of it is usually contained within the Viagra/Cialis-type emails that extol the night-long benefits of generic pills. A seemingly new trend is the all-out mud-slinger spam, intended to provoke an emotional response, presumably… [read more...]


Anatomy of comment spam

From where does it come?

f you have a blog, or website of your own and you have some degree of interactivity with your visitors (such as comments), then you've no doubt experienced the scourge of spam on your pages. Comment spam is now an intrinsic tool in the blackhat marketer's repertoire, and can give an edge in competitive markets. But where on earth does it come from? [read more...]


How Viagra spam works

Virtual drug pushers or marketing genius?

There's no escaping spam these days. Even with the best Bayesian filters, blacklists and other filtering techniques, most of us are still plagued with an endless stream of invitations for all sorts of weird and wonderful products and services. One of the most common forms is advertising for pharmacological products - and perhaps the most notorious form is for the 'men's health' variety- notably Sildenafil citrate, more commonly known as Viagra. But how do spammers make their money? [read more...]