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Forget 'The Long Tail' - Go For The Sweet Spike

The golden balance between profitability and obscurity

You may have heard of the phenomenon that is 'The Long Tail'. The term refers to the potentially untapped marketing areas in the elongated low-volume segment of a market. Amazon employs this thinking very effectively - their huge stock catalogue ensures that if there's an obscure book or item you're thinking of purchasing, they'll most likely offer it. [read more...]


Google Indyrank Theories

More to page ranking than meets the eye?

Google watchers everywhere were given a glance under the hood, as a blogger revealed a rarely-seen error message. Most of the output was as you’d expect, with debug status information and various parameters – but one thing mentioned was the mysterious ‘Indyrank’. What could this new and previously unmentioned ranking variable refer to? [read more...]


5 Myths in SEO

'Guaranteed top 10 placement - get listed overnight!'

SEO is a competitive industry - and there are plenty of people out there who promise the earth and deliver dirt if you're not careful. Here's a list of 5 common myths and false promises that might not deliver the results promised. [read more...]