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There's a fine line between blogspam and self-submission

Nobody reading your crappy blog? Spam Digg and Reddit with it constantly!

Blogspam is bad. It must be; it has ‘spam’ in it. But what on earth is blogspam? [read more...]


Why Good Hosting is Important

Or, how a dedicated host cured all my Google woes

Google knows an awful lot about the web, and one of the things the Googlebot tracks is the response time of your pages. If you know where to look, Google will also gladly divulge their data on your site via the Webmaster console, hidden away in the ‘Crawl stats’ section of the diagnostic tab. [read more...]


The Blogging Spectrum

An alternative classification system for the blogosphere

The blogosphere is a diverse place these days - and according to Technorati it's doubling in size every 6 months. Little wonder then, that there's a blog for every imaginable niche, profession or topic going out there. But where do they fit on the grand scheme of things? [read more...]


Yahoo! goes live with new design

Aging site gets a gradient facelift

Finally, after weeks of testing and 'previews' of the new Yahoo homepage, it rolled out the new gradient-laden design today. They've been sporting the same design since around 2003 (although there have been some incremental changes), so it was long overdue - although Yahoo have never really been leading edge when it comes to site design (with the possible exception of a brief period in the mid 90s). So, how does the new design fare in the Web2.0 climate? [read more...]


It's a Web 2.0 Revolution

Another web fad? Or just a case of history repeating...

It's hard to avoid the impact of some of the buzzwords and hype that's been circulating round the web: Web 2.0 has proven to be key phrase in web development since the O'Reilly / MediaLive conferences in October 2004. [read more...]