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Why Good Hosting is Important

Or, how a dedicated host cured all my Google woes

Google knows an awful lot about the web, and one of the things the Googlebot tracks is the response time of your pages. If you know where to look, Google will also gladly divulge their data on your site via the Webmaster console, hidden away in the ‘Crawl stats’ section of the diagnostic tab. [read more...]


ModernLife Changes

New server, back from the dead, hoorah!

As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been quiet for the last month or so. The good news is that I haven't perished, nor have I tired of writing about web-stuff or general miscellany. Indeed, I've been busy - bills to pay, project meetings to attend and the suchlike. However, I have made a couple of important changes to the ModernLife site - after being on the front page of Digg no less than 8 times, I decided it was time to upgrade my (somewhat flakey) hosting. [read more...]


New ModernLife Page Design

Now in neutral.

I've 'reinterpreted' the old blue/white space invaders look - and by 'reinterpreted' I mean I threw it out the window and started again. This is still a young site, so thankfully it's in quite a malleable state, but it's already proven quite popular (read: controversial). The original design was cobbled together in a couple of hours without much forethought - with the possible exception of 'Space Invaders are cool and retro'. [read more...]