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JavaScript LED Message Scrolling Display

Any resemblance to a <marquee> is purely coincidental

I guess this answers the question of what to do with the LED icons I posted yesterday – I’ve always wanted to do a dot matrix type display in JavaScript, and I suppose an LED message scroller is the perfect excuse. [read more...]


LED Icons

24-bit PNG and Windows Icons (.ico) formats

Simple, versatile, great for status indicators or embellishment: 14 icons in 7 colours, representing the most common types of LED. Make your own virtual throwies, use them on a webpage or an app, do what you like with them. [read more...]


5 Myths in SEO

'Guaranteed top 10 placement - get listed overnight!'

SEO is a competitive industry - and there are plenty of people out there who promise the earth and deliver dirt if you're not careful. Here's a list of 5 common myths and false promises that might not deliver the results promised. [read more...]