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Balancing AdSense with User Experience

Happy users + effective monetisation?

I've been spending some time recently optimising the advertising here on Modern Life, and I've been trying a number of approaches to increase earnings while maximising user experience. It's a tricky balancing act, as effective ads are generally more obtrusive ones. Is there an effective way to keep both effective adverts and happy users? [read more...]


Book Review: The Photoshop Anthology

101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques (Corrie Haffly, Sitepoint)

Photoshop is a deceptive beast. You can use it day in, day out, to the point where you consider yourself an expert only to discover some basic functionality or keyboard shortcut that you really could have used some months ago. Perhaps its just me but, for instance, having recently discovered that pressing the Tab key hides the menus, I wonder if there are any more nifty tricks that Im missing out on. [read more...]


Ethical Blogging 101

On what can be deemed acceptable, and otherwise.

Blogging is an area that can be fraught with legal and ethic issues - in many ways these reflect the way journalism is affected by ethics and the law, but with blogging there's one significant difference - anybody may start a blog on just about any topic. The barriers to entry normally associated with the press are effectively gone - and passionate folk now have near absolute free reign to write whatever and however they please. [read more...]


Tracking hot trends with Trendio, Web 2.0 style

I love statistics. Whether its my Techorati ranking, web server log files or my FeedBurner subscriber numbers, the numbers that shape my work are a fascination. Im sure its the same for a lot of bloggers out there too surely most must have obsessive-compulsive like desires to keep up to date with figures? [read more...]


A Strange Sense of Familiarity

The topic of enterprise-level collaborative software came up at work today (as such things are wont to do on a Friday afternoon), and 37signal's Campfire was brought up. As with most of 37signals stuff, it's well thought out and beautifully presented, but upon my first glance at the campfire homepage, I was struck with a pang of familiarity... [read more...]


HowTo: Add and Edit Custom Fills in Illustrator

Or, how to make even prettier pie charts

Following on from the previous pie chart tutorial, in this tutorial well cover exactly how to add and manipulate custom pattern fills in Illustrator a very powerful technique that allows for some very fancy effects. Were only scratching the surface of what this sort of thing can be used for, but it youre after an effect similar to that used in the Demographics of Digg post, then this is all you need to know. [read more...]


HowTo: Make Pretty Pie Charts

Using Adobe Illustrator CS2

If you remember the post about the Demographics of Digg I wrote back in early December, one of the general themes of the associated Digg comments was the overwhelming niceness of the pie charts. Being the generous sort that I am, I thought I'd do a comprehensive tutorial of how to achieve the same effect - I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS2, but the tips should apply to most of the more recent versions. [read more...]


Domain Name Hierarchy

The pecking order of preferential domain names (UK biased)

Ive been buying a few domains lately, and what with the scarcity of a good .com domain Ive been forced to consider what the alternatives are. For us in the UK, the domain has just as wide acceptance as the .com but what about the other TLDs? [read more...]


How to Crash Internet Explorer

With only one line of code - 61 bytes, to be precise.

Ever wish you could make your friends and family switch away from Internet Explorer? Perhaps the ability to make it spontaneously crash (and I mean totally crash) just by sending them a link might sway them... [read more...]


Yahoo! goes live with new design

Aging site gets a gradient facelift

Finally, after weeks of testing and 'previews' of the new Yahoo homepage, it rolled out the new gradient-laden design today. They've been sporting the same design since around 2003 (although there have been some incremental changes), so it was long overdue - although Yahoo have never really been leading edge when it comes to site design (with the possible exception of a brief period in the mid 90s). So, how does the new design fare in the Web2.0 climate? [read more...]