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Good Practice in Implementing HTML Forms

Tips & tricks for optimum efficacy in data collection

Forms are a critical but often misunderstood aspect of web design - most of the attention in tutorials and guides go to the presentational aspects, rather than the usability of forms. [read more...]


5 incredibly outdated and annoying techniques in (X)HTML

Navigating through the vagarities of legacy code

Legacy code. The mere words strike fear into the most hardened web developer, and with good reason - out of date, poorly factored code that's been left untouched for years is a nightmare to work with. [read more...]


Web Standards Don't Matter (As much as you think)

Rules are supposed to be broken...

W3C. Valid XHTML. Valid CSS2. Ring any bells? If youíre learning web design, or even if you have a passing interest, then some standards evangelist has probably told you how everything should be marked up semantically and to current standard definitions set by arbitrary organisations. Itís just the way things should be done. But hereís what they donít let on Ė standards donít really matter at all. [read more...]


Loggr: Timesheet generator in AJAX

(Well, technically DHTML. But AJAX sounds cooler)

One thing that any freelance worker or outside consultant needs is a means to track billable hours Ė i.e. the time spent working. Time management is a critical part of independent working, and there are a plethora of different ways of recording it Ė from paper sheets to fully integrated expense calculators that run the gamut. I was having trouble finding one that suited my needs Ė all time tracking software Iíve seen is either too difficult to use, too complex, or not free Ė so I decided to write my own. [read more...]