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Yahoo! goes live with new design

Aging site gets a gradient facelift

Finally, after weeks of testing and 'previews' of the new Yahoo homepage, it rolled out the new gradient-laden design today. They've been sporting the same design since around 2003 (although there have been some incremental changes), so it was long overdue - although Yahoo have never really been leading edge when it comes to site design (with the possible exception of a brief period in the mid 90s). So, how does the new design fare in the Web2.0 climate? [read more...]


8 Web Design Clichés of 2006

Bandwagon ahoy!

With the advent of Web2.0, AJAX, and other new exciting technologies such as Ruby on Rails and RSS, we're seeing impressive developments in the technical backdrop to the web. One thing that has persisted throught the life of the hypertext-enabled web however, is the design cliché - trends or 'memes' that catch on amongst a large percentage of web users. We've seen dancing hamsters, Animated GIFs, the <blink> tag and Netscape Navigator all come and go - but what about the more recent trends? [read more...]