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There's a fine line between blogspam and self-submission

Nobody reading your crappy blog? Spam Digg and Reddit with it constantly!

Blogspam is bad. It must be; it has ‘spam’ in it. But what on earth is blogspam? [read more...]


Understanding Traffic Statistics

A guide to common traffic trends and graph features

For the webmaster, blogger or internet marketer, traffic reports and statistics have long been the bread and butter of performance analysis in terms of the success and popularity of a web site. There are a multitude of different services and means of analysis out there – from the raw log files to full analytics packages like Google’s own Analytics service. But what do all those facts and figures mean? [read more...]


Digg and the Mob Mentality

Or, what to expect from people if you get Dugg

I was reading this entry on Ryan Tomayko’s weblog, and I was reminded of numerous examples of ‘Digg mobbing’ that I’ve seen before. Essentially, a blog entry or page gets posted without the owners knowledge or consent, and before they know it they’re flooded with hundreds of emails and comments on Digg disparaging their site, viewpoints, and making a variety of personal attacks. [read more...]


The Demographics of Digg

US, Los Angeles, Firefox, Windows lead the way

This week Modern Life was the grateful recipient of the 100,000th Digg user since the site was established – a number accrued over 9 front page stories and 6 months. That’s a lot by any measure, and Digg.com thus far has been the largest referrer to ML. With Digg.com being touted as a possible acquisition target, and with a purported value of $150 million, just what (or who) exactly are potential investors buying in to? [read more...]


How To Write Great Headlines

Or, to put it another way: 'Awesome Top 5 ways to get Dugg and billions of subscribers!!'

Whether you’re a blogger, a journalist or social bookmarker, writing a great headline is a must if you want to capture your reader’s interest. Faced with an ever increasing wave of blogs, RSS subscriptions, and links, the headline is more important now than it ever has been. [read more...]


What's Wrong with Web 2.0?

Bubble? What bubble?

Aside from the fact that nobody knows quite what Web 2.0 actually is, not everything is sweet-smelling in the latest wave of websites. Web 2.0 is a mixed bag of great successes, swathes of unmentioned failures, and squandered venture capital. But what is it that lurks rotten at the bottom of Web 2.0? [read more...]


How many Diggs do you need to make the homepage?

..and when's the best weekday and time to submit that hot new story?

Recently, I set up a script that logged the average number of 'Diggs' a story on the frontpage of Digg.com has - purely out of curiosity, and to discover any trends in digging activity. [read more...]