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The BBC iPlayer is officially Web 2.0 compliant

...and only a year or two behind the trend - good show!

Those of you fearing that the BBC is out of touch as far as the web is concerned need worry no more - the recently-opened-private-beta of the BBC iPlayer is at the cutting edge of interactive design. I mean, just look at the Beta application page: [read more...]


Why is RSS adoption so abysmal amongst UK newspapers online?

Old media, meet new

The transition from old media to new media is inescapable, and for most the daily dose of news via the internet is now perhaps more common than the newspaper on the doorstep in the morning. Why then, are the RSS subscriber numbers so weak? [read more...]


BBC Manchester Blog Workshop

Thursday 22nd February 2007

I attended the first BBC Manchester Blog Workshop on Thursday eve, partly out of curiosity and partly to see what sort of folk might turn up. With nary a clue of what to expect, I walked the short distance from my place of work to the BBC Manchester offices, arriving a short while before the start of the workshop at 6pm. [read more...]