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.NET Soak Testing Software for Websites

.NET tool for autonomously and continuously applying load on a web server

Testing a website is a critical part of ensuring a smooth deployment process, and the issue is particularly exacerbated when youíre talking about completely replacing an already-established (and highly trafficked) website. Iíve seen notable instances in the past where a site has operated absolutely fine for a small cabal of developers, but upon deployment to thousands of requests a minute brings the web server to its knees. [read more...]


Why not .NET?

Why use PHP over ASP.NET?

I was recently asked about my choice of scripting language for Modern Life - and why I chose PHP over comparable alternatives such as ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails etc. I work with PHP, Classic ASP and (more recently) ASP.NET - but what was my rationale for choosing PHP? [read more...]