'What's Wrong With My Blog?'

A guide to common pitfalls, mistakes & faux pas in blogging

Creating a blog is easy - but alas, building a readership is somewhat more difficult. So where do nascent bloggers most commonly go wrong? [read more...]


5 Terrible Fonts You Shouldn't Use in Print Design

(And preferably not at all, with the possible exception of Arial)

For those designers who work with both web and print media, the limitations of web typography are all too apparent. Some designers struggle to shake off the bonds of such limitations, though - and repeatedly use and abuse some of the worst fonts available. Here are five examples which raise my typographical hackles. [read more...]


Book Review: The Photoshop Anthology

101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques (Corrie Haffly, Sitepoint)

Photoshop is a deceptive beast. You can use it day in, day out, to the point where you consider yourself an expert Ė only to discover some basic functionality or keyboard shortcut that you really could have used some months ago. Perhaps itís just me Ė but, for instance, having recently discovered that pressing the Tab key hides the menus, I wonder if there are any more nifty tricks that Iím missing out on. [read more...]


Comment on this post?

Iíve been knee-deep in PHP this week, working on a multitude of projects Ė and Iíve finally found the time to implement bona-fide commenting in the backend Modern Life blog software. [read more...]


The 7 Qs of Great Viral Content

ĎViral contentí is an awful phrase. Itís used by marketers Ė and generally means material designed to propagate a message or meme, usually with an eye to some commercial gain. But the content itself neednít be a bad thing Ė and the qualities of great viral content can be used on their own merits. Here are 7 such features of great viral content Ė and they all begin with Q. [read more...]


.NET Soak Testing Software for Websites

.NET tool for autonomously and continuously applying load on a web server

Testing a website is a critical part of ensuring a smooth deployment process, and the issue is particularly exacerbated when youíre talking about completely replacing an already-established (and highly trafficked) website. Iíve seen notable instances in the past where a site has operated absolutely fine for a small cabal of developers, but upon deployment to thousands of requests a minute brings the web server to its knees. [read more...]


Tracking Live Web Logfiles with Tail over SSH

Using Apache with Linux

There are two distinct types of people when it comes to Linux: Those who are pretty much clueless with the whole OSS thing, and who generally stick with Windows or MacOS - and those who are seemingly born naturals at command lines, regular expressions and other such arcane operations. I'm fortunate to be squarely in the middle of the two extremes (i.e. I use Linux but I'm far from an expert) - and if you're in a similar situation to me, then you may find the following useful. [read more...]


Understanding Traffic Statistics

A guide to common traffic trends and graph features

For the webmaster, blogger or internet marketer, traffic reports and statistics have long been the bread and butter of performance analysis in terms of the success and popularity of a web site. There are a multitude of different services and means of analysis out there Ė from the raw log files to full analytics packages like Googleís own Analytics service. But what do all those facts and figures mean? [read more...]


How To Get A Six Figure Blogging Income

In just a few simple & logical steps...

Blogging is easy; itís the getting rich whilst doing it thatís difficult. Fear not, though, as hereís everything you need to know in one simple (and logical) diagram. [read more...]


Tech News Trends: Tracking Brand Buzz

A statistical overview of the last 6 months in technology

As a result of assembling technology news articles through news aggregator teXpy, I've got an extensive and well-organised record of the state of technology news coverage dating back to September 2006 - with nearly 100,000 articles and 640,000 keywords associated with those articles, there's a healthy body of data, ripe for analysis. [read more...]