Web Development


Why not .NET?

Why use PHP over ASP.NET?

I was recently asked about my choice of scripting language for Modern Life - and why I chose PHP over comparable alternatives such as ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails etc. I work with PHP, Classic ASP and (more recently) ASP.NET - but what was my rationale for choosing PHP? [read more...]


Web Technology Family Tree

From AJAX to XHTML, and pretty much everything inbetween.

Web design and development is a complex field – there are literally thousands of different disciplines, from all manner of programming languages, web standards, and software packages. With the break-neck pace of development, it’s hard to keep up – blink and all of a sudden there’s a new hip web development trend. But how does everything fit together? Here’s a family tree of common web technologies – almost a ‘tech-tree’, if you will, showing near neighbours and relationships across a subset of core web technologies. [read more...]


This Beta Madness Must End

Under construction 2.0?

Google may have started a trend all those years ago in 1998 when even their search product was 'beta'. Particularly with the advent of Web 2.0 and the swathe of new sites, the term 'beta' has become very popular. [read more...]