Tracking Live Web Logfiles with Tail over SSH

Using Apache with Linux

There are two distinct types of people when it comes to Linux: Those who are pretty much clueless with the whole OSS thing, and who generally stick with Windows or MacOS - and those who are seemingly born naturals at command lines, regular expressions and other such arcane operations. I'm fortunate to be squarely in the middle of the two extremes (i.e. I use Linux but I'm far from an expert) - and if you're in a similar situation to me, then you may find the following useful. [read more...]


Understanding Traffic Statistics

A guide to common traffic trends and graph features

For the webmaster, blogger or internet marketer, traffic reports and statistics have long been the bread and butter of performance analysis in terms of the success and popularity of a web site. There are a multitude of different services and means of analysis out there – from the raw log files to full analytics packages like Google’s own Analytics service. But what do all those facts and figures mean? [read more...]


HowTo: Add and Edit Custom Fills in Illustrator

Or, how to make even prettier pie charts

Following on from the previous pie chart tutorial, in this tutorial we’ll cover exactly how to add and manipulate custom pattern fills in Illustrator – a very powerful technique that allows for some very fancy effects. We’re only scratching the surface of what this sort of thing can be used for, but it you’re after an effect similar to that used in the Demographics of Digg post, then this is all you need to know. [read more...]


HowTo: Make Pretty Pie Charts

Using Adobe Illustrator CS2

If you remember the post about the Demographics of Digg I wrote back in early December, one of the general themes of the associated Digg comments was the overwhelming niceness of the pie charts. Being the generous sort that I am, I thought I'd do a comprehensive tutorial of how to achieve the same effect - I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS2, but the tips should apply to most of the more recent versions. [read more...]