Social Media


There's a fine line between blogspam and self-submission

Nobody reading your crappy blog? Spam Digg and Reddit with it constantly!

Blogspam is bad. It must be; it has ‘spam’ in it. But what on earth is blogspam? [read more...]


The 7 Qs of Great Viral Content

‘Viral content’ is an awful phrase. It’s used by marketers – and generally means material designed to propagate a message or meme, usually with an eye to some commercial gain. But the content itself needn’t be a bad thing – and the qualities of great viral content can be used on their own merits. Here are 7 such features of great viral content – and they all begin with Q. [read more...]


Digg and the Mob Mentality

Or, what to expect from people if you get Dugg

I was reading this entry on Ryan Tomayko’s weblog, and I was reminded of numerous examples of ‘Digg mobbing’ that I’ve seen before. Essentially, a blog entry or page gets posted without the owners knowledge or consent, and before they know it they’re flooded with hundreds of emails and comments on Digg disparaging their site, viewpoints, and making a variety of personal attacks. [read more...]