Modern Life: The Podcast?

A call for ideas, questions and your opinions on content of an audible nature

I've recently acquired the RDE Podcaster USB microphone - a beautiful piece of kit, by the way - and I'm currently mulling over any potential ideas for audio content for Modern Life. [read more...]


Guest Posting on Wisdump

Followers of fellow weblog Wisdump (ne Whitespace) probably already know this, but with owner / 9ruler Scrivs selling the site to Manchester-based Maxafi there was an opportunity for a new batch of writers to write for Wisdump. [read more...]


Comment on this post?

Ive been knee-deep in PHP this week, working on a multitude of projects and Ive finally found the time to implement bona-fide commenting in the backend Modern Life blog software. [read more...]


New year, new look, 2007 predictions

Yet more design tweakery & speculation

So, it happened again. I got bored with how Modern Life looked, so I thought a fresh new face was in order. Ive ditched the two column layout in favour of a far simpler single column, and Ive ditched all the gradients and Web 2.0 chrome in favour of a super-simple, delicious dichromatic design. [read more...]


2006 Recap: Traffic trends

Organicly grown?

In the third (and most likely last) recap on the year that was 2006, we've got a graph (pretty much straight from Google Analytics, with some clever photoshopping to get the overlaid graphs) showing just how traffic to the site has grown since the launch in May / June this year. [read more...]


2006 Recap: Best posts

A comprehensive summary of what was hot in 2006

In part 2 of our 2006 recap series, Ill be listing some of the best posts on Modern Life in 2006. Best in this case means the stuff that got the most attention, links, Diggs etc essentially a run down of the most trafficked pages in the last few months. If you missed any, check them out you might just like it. [read more...]


2006 Recap: Top referrers

Doling out some link love

Things are winding down a little for Christmas here, and so its time to wrap 2006 with a couple of recap posts first off, its a run down of the most prolific referrers to Modern Life. So who sent the most traffic our way this year then? [read more...]


ModernLife Changes

New server, back from the dead, hoorah!

As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been quiet for the last month or so. The good news is that I haven't perished, nor have I tired of writing about web-stuff or general miscellany. Indeed, I've been busy - bills to pay, project meetings to attend and the suchlike. However, I have made a couple of important changes to the ModernLife site - after being on the front page of Digg no less than 8 times, I decided it was time to upgrade my (somewhat flakey) hosting. [read more...]