RSS and Syndication


Six of the best: Recommended Reads

Six sites to make your feedreader happy

Summer has always been somewhat of a quiet time on the blogging front, with folk jetting off on holiday and enjoying the sunshine - anything other than being cooped up indoors writing. [read more...]


How to get RSS right

5 tips to help get subscribers, keep subscribers

RSS is an essential part of growing a blogís audience, and most get the fundamentals right. Some, however, donít exactly embrace RSS as a medium Ė and occasionally those who do offer some limited, broken feed that simply isnít worth subscribing to. Here are some pointers to keep your syndication on track. [read more...]


Why is RSS adoption so abysmal amongst UK newspapers online?

Old media, meet new

The transition from old media to new media is inescapable, and for most the daily dose of news via the internet is now perhaps more common than the newspaper on the doorstep in the morning. Why then, are the RSS subscriber numbers so weak? [read more...]


Google Reader has a Posse

...and a surprisingly large lead in the RSS reader stakes

I was moderately shocked today to see a jump of over 1,000 subscribers in my FeedBurner stats this morning Ė then I realised this was the first data push since Google started broadcasting their subscriber figures. Whilst Iím guessing these numbers donít differentiate between the different Google RSS features, such as the personalised homepage and Google Reader, one thing is clear: Bloglines no longer leads the way in terms of RSS aggregation. [read more...]


Full Feeds Ahoy!

As much as I hate sites that tinker with their RSS feeds relentlessly, Iíve taken the plunge and moved to full article content in the RSS feed for Modern Life. Iím more of a read-on-the-site kind of person, but for those of you who practically live in your RSS client of choice it should save you a click. [read more...]


Leet Subscribers?

Just a quick one, but this amused me slightly: If you were subscribed to Modern Life on the 29th November, 2006, then you are indeed a member of an elite few. [read more...]


Who's Using What for RSS?

A peek inside the RSS kimono

RSS is a funny old thing - once it takes hold in a person's daily routine it becomes as essential as checking ones email or reading the morning newspaper - but as far as mainstream usage goes, it's a long way from attaining widespread approval. The technology behind RSS is not the issue - it's just the underlying transport, like the ink and paper of traditional media. If RSS is to break into the mainstream, it's the means of delivery that will make it or break it. [read more...]