Book Review: The Photoshop Anthology

101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques (Corrie Haffly, Sitepoint)

Photoshop is a deceptive beast. You can use it day in, day out, to the point where you consider yourself an expert only to discover some basic functionality or keyboard shortcut that you really could have used some months ago. Perhaps its just me but, for instance, having recently discovered that pressing the Tab key hides the menus, I wonder if there are any more nifty tricks that Im missing out on. [read more...]


Colour Lovers - Colour Trends and Palettes

For some inexplicable reason, the Web 2.0 Colour Palette post I wrote back in August 2006 has been perennially popular over 150,000 pageviews since the posting, and phrases like web 2.0 colors have been consistently top in my search engine keyword referrals. That suggests two things to me first, the five minutes I spent back in August putting that post together was definitely worth it, and secondly there are a lot of people interested in colour palettes. [read more...]


Tracking hot trends with Trendio, Web 2.0 style

I love statistics. Whether its my Techorati ranking, web server log files or my FeedBurner subscriber numbers, the numbers that shape my work are a fascination. Im sure its the same for a lot of bloggers out there too surely most must have obsessive-compulsive like desires to keep up to date with figures? [read more...]


Review: LG Shine

Successor to the Chocolate - for release on the 7th February 2007

The latest in LG's series of 'Black Label' high-end mobile phones is about to hit the streets - dubbed 'Shine', it's a slider phone, much like it's popular predecessor, the LG Chocolate, and has a fully reflective front screen that acts as a mirror when the screen is off. [read more...]


Test Driving Text Link Ads

For fun and profit

The service offered by Text Link Ads is a little different to other advertising solutions - rather than pay per action, click or impression, payouts are based on an allotted value per month for a text link placed on a given site. [read more...]