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Modern Life: The Podcast?

A call for ideas, questions and your opinions on content of an audible nature

I've recently acquired the RØDE Podcaster USB microphone - a beautiful piece of kit, by the way - and I'm currently mulling over any potential ideas for audio content for Modern Life. [read more...]


Guest Posting on Wisdump

Followers of fellow weblog Wisdump (née Whitespace) probably already know this, but with owner / 9ruler Scrivs selling the site to Manchester-based Maxafi there was an opportunity for a new batch of writers to write for Wisdump. [read more...]


New offensive spam doesn't pull any punches

...or should that be paunches?

Spammers have always played on people’s insecurities to hawk their wares, but the worst of it is usually contained within the Viagra/Cialis-type emails that extol the night-long benefits of generic pills. A seemingly new trend is the all-out mud-slinger spam, intended to provoke an emotional response, presumably… [read more...]


A Strange Sense of Familiarity

The topic of enterprise-level collaborative software came up at work today (as such things are wont to do on a Friday afternoon), and 37signal's Campfire was brought up. As with most of 37signals stuff, it's well thought out and beautifully presented, but upon my first glance at the campfire homepage, I was struck with a pang of familiarity... [read more...]


Google Reader has a Posse

...and a surprisingly large lead in the RSS reader stakes

I was moderately shocked today to see a jump of over 1,000 subscribers in my FeedBurner stats this morning – then I realised this was the first data push since Google started broadcasting their subscriber figures. Whilst I’m guessing these numbers don’t differentiate between the different Google RSS features, such as the personalised homepage and Google Reader, one thing is clear: Bloglines no longer leads the way in terms of RSS aggregation. [read more...]


How to spot a Windows fanboy

Clinging desperately to sinking ships

I was chatting to a friend (and long-time Windows supporter) on MSN earlier today – he was looking for a utility to extract .RAR archives on Windows. I thought there was an obvious (and easily obtainable) option – but, apparently not so much. [read more...]


Twittering Away, Wasting Time

Finally, a place where I can blog about the mundane parts of my life without guilt

I’m quite enjoying Twitter at the moment – if you haven’t heard of it, it’s essentially a lightweight blogging system where you can enter what you are currently doing (via the web, IM or mobile phone). I try to keep the personal stuff on Modern Life to a bare minimum – just articles and glorious technicolour stats – but Twitter is a great outlet for everything else. [read more...]


New music site: Fuzznut

Flagrant self promotion? Perhaps.

I've been busy working on all sorts of things over Christmas and the new year - some projects drawing to a close, other new and exciting projects on the horizon. One of my new personal projects is new music site Fuzznut. [read more...]


Full Feeds Ahoy!

As much as I hate sites that tinker with their RSS feeds relentlessly, I’ve taken the plunge and moved to full article content in the RSS feed for Modern Life. I’m more of a read-on-the-site kind of person, but for those of you who practically live in your RSS client of choice it should save you a click. [read more...]


Leet Subscribers?

Just a quick one, but this amused me slightly: If you were subscribed to Modern Life on the 29th November, 2006, then you are indeed a member of an elite few. [read more...]