Interactivity and Usability


Good Practice in Implementing HTML Forms

Tips & tricks for optimum efficacy in data collection

Forms are a critical but often misunderstood aspect of web design - most of the attention in tutorials and guides go to the presentational aspects, rather than the usability of forms. [read more...]


The Varying Virtues of Site Performance Metrics

Pageviews, bounce rates and goals

Measuring site performance is somewhat of a black art - from the dubious numbers lauded by some sites to the notoriously skewed and untrustworthy figures from Alexa, Compete, and other metric & analytics folk - there simply isn't any single great method of gauging a site's performance. [read more...]


Good Traffic, Bad Traffic

On relevance and persistence, and what makes a good visitor

For webmasters, traffic is the major barometer of a site's success - but of course, not all visitors are equal. How can we differentiate between 'good' traffic and 'bad' traffic, and where does each come from? [read more...]


Click Survey Analysis & Heatmap

Interpretations and ramifications from a web design point of view

You may have seen the recent click survey featured on the front page of - over 40,000 people participated and were invited to click on 8 different images - wherever they felt inclined to. We take a look at some of the results, and see what this means for web designers and usability analysts. [read more...]