Colour & Palettes


Hexadecimal Colour Mnemonics

A new approach to remembering hex web colours?

For a fortunate few, working with hexadecimal colours comes naturally - my experience stems from working with colour palettes whilst programming in BASIC some 15 years ago. Thankfully, hex colour codes persist today in CSS, so my early experience means working with hex colour is second nature. But what about those less versed in hexadecimal? Perhaps a mnemonical system could be employed... [read more...]


Winter/Spring Colour Palette 2006-2007

Seasonal colours from the Modern Life selection

Persistent readers of Modern Life will be aware that the colours you see on site are not static: They revolve around with the seasons, with a new scheme on the first of every month. Each set of colours is hand-picked, adjusted, and designed to fit in with the month and season in question. [read more...]