Twittering Away, Wasting Time 7 January, 2007 — Stuart Brown

Finally, a place where I can blog about the mundane parts of my life without guilt

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I'm quite enjoying Twitter at the moment - if you haven't heard of it, it's essentially a lightweight blogging system where you can enter what you are currently doing (via the web, IM or mobile phone). I try to keep the personal stuff on Modern Life to a bare minimum - just articles and glorious technicolour stats - but Twitter is a great outlet for everything else.

When you make an update to your Twitter blog, it goes out to all your friends (who've opted to 'follow' you) via whatever method you select - it's a great way to keep in touch with people (and it's far cheaper than texting all your friends individually). I can heartily recommend that you give it a try.

twitter screenshot

My twitter page is here:, where I'll be posting the daily drudgery of web design, blogging etc. Give it a try before the MySpace generation cottons on and ruins it for everyone else!