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strongblur wrote:

The first thing when I see the title in Google Reader, the first thing I thought about is Questions... but what I get is some tips on how to make a great viral contents. :)

Rob Ottens wrote:

Nice Post. Same as with strongblur, I was expecting to get something else, but this post was great to learn a little more on how to write good posts for your blog ;)

Arpit Jacob wrote:

Great Content and a Catch headline does the trick most of the time.

Arpit Jacob wrote:

Sorry I meant a Catchy headline.

Rosamunda wrote:

Very good article, thanks!
But I must confess that I not quite agree (in most cases) with the "quantity" item. More is not always good, sometimes it´s just more. Not in all cases, of course, but to give an example of what I mean: There are several news webpages where you can suscribe to their newsletter, and they send you a "daily" email with their articles, with no option to receive them in a weekly or monthy basis... Their content can be good, or very good, but as a user, I definately won´t open each and every email if they are sent every single day. Give users a break.
Sorry for my unaccurate english :-)
Buenos Aires / Argentina

Navdeep wrote:

I agree to all the 7 Qs

Ted wrote:

You forgot the most important Q - Quick. If the content is too deep, it won't spread quickly. You only have a chance to make one quick point before the user decides whether or not your content was worth dealing with - and even if it succeeds in this, it has to be unique and notable to get passed on to others.

Kai Müller wrote:

Headlines are the trick. I agree. Thanks for pointing on that.

Stuart Brown wrote:

Shame I couldn't work in the importance of headlines with the letter Q, really!

Note to self: Pick an easier letter, like 'E' perhaps, next time.

Eugenia wrote:

You wrote:
"If it's written content, you'd better spell check it. A lack of professionalism can be endearing in some cases, but usually - quality is important."
Yet, later on, you wrote:
"If you've got quantity, than quantify your content so people know what to expect."
You should remember to spell-check your own material- you probably meant:
"If you've got quantity, THEN quantify your content so people know what to expect."

Stuart Brown wrote:

That is indeed a typo - missed by both spell check and a proof reading. Fixed!

Matt Keegan wrote:

Nah, stick with "Q" as that is what got my attention. When I stumbled upon this page, and saw the title I thought, "who could possibly even think of seven words beginning with "Q" to get their point across?"

Its all in the title! Good content too.

RJ wrote:

Thank you for even mentioning the OS of my teens: OS/2.

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