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Romanov wrote:

Wow, this is really the best blog I discovered recently! Found it when looking for some info on what the most common design-mistakes are when making a website/blog (which I'm trying to do for the moment).

And about the feeds: this will kill me! I'm already too rss-addicted. But I added them anyway :)

Since there are so many great feeds out there, I'll limit it my top 2:

Google sightseeing
This feed is the reason why I started with rss. Excellent website on all things to discover on our planet from space.

Dinosaur Comics
Still the best webcomic out there.

Todd wrote:

I need some new material, awesome.

I can't believe I still haven't set up rss feeds for stuff. I still like loading pages to see if there is new content.

Pete wrote:

I was impressed by the use of the word 'gamut' in two consecutive sentences. :)

That's not a criticism of your writing by the way, it did genuinely make me chuckle. hehe <- see!

Tom wrote:

Thanks for the link!

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Pete - This is what happens when I copyedit at 3am ;-)

Cairnarvon wrote:

The problem with The Daily WTF/Worse Than Failure is that the real WTF is increasingly becoming the editors themselves.
The rest is definitely worth checking out, though.

mvd wrote:

Ho no, you forgot there were some <a href="";>other countries</a>.

Razvan wrote:

Don't forget about the evil pigeons!

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