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Todd wrote:

haha, it is good, but it is butt ugly, if you get me.

nice work

Stuart Brown wrote:

I think it has a certain charm :)

Isko wrote:

Really nice work! This definitely stands out!

Angela wrote:

That is awesome! It just took me back to grade school when we used to load up Oregon Trail on the old Apple IIe's in the school's only computer lab.

engtech @ IDT wrote:

You should give the Sandbox theme a look for using it as a default base. Better than Kubrick for foundations.

Stuart Brown wrote:

Cheers engtech, I'll look into that for my next theme.

Adam Darowski wrote:

I'm clapping for you, Stuart. Well done.

Vidar wrote:

Terribly kickass! Man, i miss my old mac...

Satjaya wrote:

Hmmmm.....Might work for Mac fans. But I'm not going to buy it. It's ugly though unique.

Bryce wrote:

It's definitely different, I'll give you that.

Kate Bolin wrote:

I'm sorely tempted to make a website *just* to use this theme.

Matthew Oliphant wrote:

Very cool! Totally made my day to see this. Yes, that means I lead a sheltered life. :)

Charlie Park wrote:

You, sir, are awesome.

Demian wrote:

Oh!, the Mac Plus days!
Cutest theme I've ever seen!. Awesome!

Dan wrote:

This. Made. My. Week.

When I was shopping for my first mac, my neighbor (he already had a mac) came with me, and we found ourselves talking about ram. He said: "Go for the 16 Kb. You'll never need it, but it'll make your computer run faster."

Thanks for that Stuart.

Mike wrote:

I miss my old Mac. It seems like 15 years ago that he and I were best friends.

Oh. Wait. It was.

Ho hum...

Loving the work. I won't be using it, of course, because like Todd says it's butt ugly but it still made me smile on a wet and windy Tuesday night.

Tigerplug wrote:

A theme I love almost as much as my mac!


zeFiF wrote:

How about making this theme for RapidWeaver ???

Would be great !

Thanks !

Rafael wrote:

Ohh! that would be an ugly theme but it made me smile and think. Just like Satjaya says It's ugly though unique.

G wrote:

tempted to use it.

Lisa wrote:

Here are two terrifik quotes my me:

"dude, that's l33tn3$$ squared."

that template is so old skool, it's almost new age."

feel free to use them as much as you like. i have plenty up my sleeve.

Jenny wrote:

This is a nifty little theme.

Sergio Alvaré wrote:

Algo nuevo por fin.

Evert Meulie wrote:

As soon as you happen to make a 3-column version, compatible with the sociable-plugin I will start using it straight away! ;-)

Pete Ashton wrote:

I'm running it on my blog for the next day just for kicks. It's kinda beautiful in a really simple way. I love the stark contrasts, especially with colour photos. I may well adapt it for future use. Just needs a bit of Chicago action.


Brad Bice wrote:

This is pretty cool. I wanted to drag around the icons and the windows right away. Can you get some javascript action going on that, so that people could drag stuff around like it's an actual computer screen? That would be a fun addition.

Leo Klein wrote:

Man, I remember that Bomb. It still freaks me out.

KimHoon wrote:

Wow! wonderful works !!
I just remember my old MacLC...

Jonas wrote:

Great! Just great! :-)

Aslak Raanes wrote:

Very nice indeed. Maybe a bit wider windows? Safari 2 doesn’t seem to scale the images, like Firefox/Camino and OmniWeb (later WebKit) do.

Yuri Maanzand wrote:

This is the most beautiful thing i saw today. This week. This year.

felix wrote:

That is seriously great. Thanks for making my day better! :) It sure takes me back...

Richard wrote:

This is great. You should show it to Atkinson, Hertzfeld, and Kare, the three people most responsible for that look.

gestroud wrote:

Doesn't seem to display well using Internet Explorer 7. For some reason, the sidebar shows up beneath the posts on my computer.

Eric Meyer wrote:

If that were any cooler, it'd form an Einstein-Bose condensate. You, sir, rock.

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