New offensive spam doesn't pull any punches 2 March, 2007 — Stuart Brown

...or should that be paunches?

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Spammers have always played on people's insecurities to hawk their wares, but the worst of it is usually contained within the Viagra/Cialis-type emails that extol the night-long benefits of generic pills. A seemingly new trend is the all-out mud-slinger spam, intended to provoke an emotional response, presumably...

Pretty directed stuff - certainly makes a change from random phrases scraped from various sources around the net and formed into a nonsensical soliloquy - this is tantamount to a direct personal attack. Good thing I'm made of sterner stuff, otherwise I could have been offended.

Presumably, some folk would get riled by this sort of thing, others insecure with their weight, and some curious types (myself included) to see exactly what warranted one's inbox turning blue. Click the (inevitable) link, and what do you get? Diet pills, naturally...

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to cry in a dark room whilst awaiting my delivery of Hoodia, in a nondescript brown cardboard box no doubt.