New music site: Fuzznut 3 January, 2007 — Stuart Brown

Flagrant self promotion? Perhaps.

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I've been busy working on all sorts of things over Christmas and the new year - some projects drawing to a close, other new and exciting projects on the horizon. One of my new personal projects is new music site Fuzznut.


Although improbably titled, its main focus is independent music (i.e. music that we find cool/interesting), with a slight UK bias. It'll also give me a chance to stretch my band photography skills, as I'll be attending more gigs taking photos and the suchlike. And, short of MySpace (yeuch), there's a distinct lack of decent outlets for independent bands.

If you're into music, check it out (and subscribe to the RSS feed if you please) - there are a mere handful of articles on there at the minute but the site will be regularly updated with all sorts of reviews, interviews, and band-related stuff. I'll be writing for it regularly and hopefully I'll be able to entice a whole host of other guest reviewers to help make Fuzznut a great slice of independent music culture.

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