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R wrote:

I'm still on the old interface :(

Arjun Muralidharan wrote:

This was long overdue. Of all Google Services, Analytics still seemed the most "Lab-like" application. Unfortunately they're launching the new interface phase-wise over the next few weeks so I'll probably have to be patient until I can use it on my blog.

Stuart Brown wrote:

Ah, suppose I got lucky then :-)

Jonathan Snook wrote:

You did get lucky! I'm frantically searching the admin panel for an on switch because I'd love to be able to check out the new interface.

Eli James wrote:

Same here. The graphics looks so cool, but all I'm getting is the boring 4 way stat screen. :S

Mike wrote:

Last Summer when they overhauled Blogger it was possible to force the issue and adopt the new bloggerbeta before the roll out.

Guess we'll all have to keep hoping and checking our emails!
As Google say
"Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating all existing Analytics accounts to the new Google Analytics interface. You will be notified by email once your account has been migrated. For an entire month you will be able to access both the original interface and the new interface. During the migration, you should experience no interruption in service and you'll be able to see all of your data regardless of which interface you use."

I know which interface I'll be using.

Lionel wrote:

Like Stuart I'm also amongst the lucky ones :)
It is much better than the old one in general but I am puzzled over few things I used in the previous interface and that I don't see anymore in this new one:

- the graph plotting both visits and pageviews. Now I have two graphs but I couldn't figure how to get one showing both things

- the possibility to plot for one day, hour by hour. When I choose a period of x day(s), the various graphs are still showing 1 complete month and show in bold the part belonging to the choosen period.

So to sumarize, it is a great improvment in look, function and usability but I would like to get back those simple things that where showing by default before.

Barry Bloye wrote:

Google are emailing users as and when they've converted each account. Apparently you'll have a month's crossover where you can use either interface, so that's rather considerate of them!

Michael Müller C. wrote:

Guess I'm lucky too! New interface and features are awesome!

Stuart Brown wrote:

Looks like they're rolling out the new interface to earlier GA accounts first - as I recall I was lucky enough to get in when it was first publically announced, so I guess anybody who registered early will get access sooner.

Michael Müller C. wrote:

Right, I also registered as soon as it came out, lucky us... jeje

Chandan wrote:

This came to me as a surprise, there was no intimation for more than a day since I first saw the new interface. The best part is that the option to move to the old interface still exist. I still need to be comfortable with the new interface (very much Web 2.0).

It feels that I have moved to a new software, a completely new tool to monitor our website statistics, the drag and drop facility is cool. My mind was a bit uncomfortable in the begining as it was doing the comparison. But it seems its good to accept as a completely new tool.

Specially the emailing of the report in different format comes out really good for various needs. The pdf version is brilliant for printing out.

Micha wrote:

I hope they switch my interface soon. Looks realy like an awesome update and soo cool!

Andre wrote:

the new interface and features are awesome! great!

Andreas wrote:

Wow, that looked so cool I had to sign up. And as a new user I got the new interface immediately, sweet :)

Sunlust wrote:

I'm in the sad-people-club :/ Don't have the update yet, but after reading your article I took a tour, and wow it sure does look nice.

I would never read the info on GA site, so thanks for writing about this.

Markus wrote:

The new features are nice but I still love to use the old interface.

Peter wrote:

After using the old interface for a year or so, the new one is really a breath of fresh air. The new style graphs really are more responsive and easier to use. Also, while I haven't found any real "new" functionality, the reports seem to be much more intuitive in displaying right up front (and in large print) the data that you're actually interested in.

I only have a couple of minor annoyances with the new system: First, like Lionel said, I have yet to find a way to display a day's traffic by hour, which I found pretty useful. Second - the default display on the main dashboard includes stats up to the previous day. That is certainly the most useful timeframe, but when I log on throughout the day, I generally want to see todays stats - and doing so requires changing the date range, which is more time consuming than I'd like.
Overall, Im very excited about the new system.

Matt wrote:

I have it and it looks good. There's the usual 'but I was used to the old navigation' but when you get beyond that I think it's surprising. I struggle to believe that stuff this good is free! Well done Google. Keep charging the big businesses and helping the average user. If only Microsoft took this approach.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Peter - I'm still yet to find the per-hour reports. Does anyone have any idea where they've got to?

Peter wrote:

After a little sleuthing around the hourly reports problem, I found this tidbit at Jeffrey Veen's blog (someone who apparently worked on the new system):

"I agree with you about the hourly reports. That's a feature that didn't make it into the new release. We're working on it."

So, looks like it's just not there yet, it's not that we haven't found it. Good to hear that they're at least aware that it is something people are interested in.

You can find the rest of the post at

Stuart Brown wrote:

Cheers for that link! I suspected the hourly option was AWOL.

Would be nice to see a control of the graph collation across the date range, whether by the minute, hour, day, week, month etc.

Mike Malone wrote:

I agree with what Lionel said above. The new interface is pretty sweet, but I miss being able to track traffic hour-by-hour. The updated UI only lets you get down to one day granularity. Lame. I also miss being able to track visits and pageviews on the same graph.

Hopefully Google will add these features back at some point. Otherwise I'm really going to miss them in a month when the old UI is no longer available.

Jane Smith wrote:

it is a bad product.. tried to enter why but seems the post it fairy took away my post and don't feel like rewriting.. go to google groups if you want to see the million and one things wrong with this release..

Jane Smith wrote:

oh wait it took that one.. so in brief -
//can only export 100 rows at a time - No bulk export//no hrly data//no world visit data in one easy to read spot//no summary on column totals//no conversions listed with page visits (must click to a second screen for that)//buggy in firefox//cannot make calendar less than 2 weeks at a time//no cross reference on network//oversized graphics&text//graphs difficult to read//relevant information 5 levels deep instead of one click//no network cross reference on kw etc etc etc

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