.NET Soak Testing Software for Websites 12 April, 2007 — 2 commentsStuart Brown

.NET tool for autonomously and continuously applying load on a web server

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Testing a website is a critical part of ensuring a smooth deployment process, and the issue is particularly exacerbated when you're talking about completely replacing an already-established (and highly trafficked) website. I've seen notable instances in the past where a site has operated absolutely fine for a small cabal of developers, but upon deployment to thousands of requests a minute brings the web server to its knees.

Soak Testing, then, is a good way of avoiding the baptism of fire that can occur upon launching new code unto the wild web. Such a good idea, in fact, that I decided to make one of my few forays into .NET application development to construct a nifty tool.


Entitled 'Soak', it's a very hacky-yet-potentially-useful 'hacklet' that can effectively simulate a persistent and consistent stream of activity on a given website. It takes a base URL to start from, parses out links and selects one at random to follow. It then repeats the process a few times, until it runs out of steam - at which point it starts again.

In many respects it's like a typical user - mindless, liable to click on things it shouldn't, and falls over occasionally.

Regardless, you may find it useful, as I have in the past - although I should advise that the code is Windows-only, requires .NET 2.0, and is wholly unsupported.

Download Soak (ZIP, 144Kb)

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