Modern Life: The Podcast? 30 July, 2007 — 15 commentsStuart Brown

A call for ideas, questions and your opinions on content of an audible nature

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rode podcaster

I've recently acquired the RØDE Podcaster USB microphone - a beautiful piece of kit, by the way - and I'm currently mulling over any potential ideas for audio content for Modern Life.

I'd love to hear your input regarding the potential podcast - whether you'd be interested, for a start - and what sort of topics or content you'd be interested in.

Blindly talking about something for half an hour could be a little dry - not to mention hard to come up with ideas for - so I suspect a more dialogical approach would be best. Short of arranging interviews or phone-ins, I think the best way to do this might be to take your questions and do a brief Q&A session - so get thinking and come up with some queries and questions which I might be able to answer, and discuss. Drop me a mail with your ideas, or leave a comment!

Oh, and if anybody knows any good web design podcasts, let me know - I could always use some inspiration, and seeing how someone else has tackled a similar topic could be very useful.

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