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Todd wrote:

Awesome write up.

Everyones having a crack at the whole social site craze now. It's a bit crazy when you have a myspace, facebook, beebo etc, and you realise they all accomplish the exact same goals, and have the same amount of your friends on.

The next step, imo, is a social network that binds them all together. Like a universal login, and then from that one page, you can edit your myspace profile, upload pictures to facebook and so on.

Stuart wrote:

Actually, that's not a half bad idea. Perhaps once microformats become more mainstream there'll be some standardised mechanism for transferring data between sites?

Dan wrote:

You know, its funny because I thought of this chart (which I had seen a similar version on another website) when I looked at your "sweet spot" post.

There is a sweet spot that web 2.0 companies want to be at, where they are considered to care about their users, and not be too slick in general.

Matt Newboult wrote:

Todd: Yes I agree. I think streaming all the different social bits into one is the way to go. It's interesting that facebook has just opened up it's applications API to anyone. You can plugin an app to import your twitter information, show your latest blog posts, or rate a movie. Quite interesting. While the site itself may peak, by adding applications that anyone can develop preserves the interest. Perhaps they saw MySpace close out 3rd party apps and learnt the lesson. Maybe facebook will live a lot longer because of this.

Has anyone heard of A similar idea. Import delicious feeds, twitter, rss and write micro blogs.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Matt - I've heard of Tumblr - indeed, I've been trying it out here:

I'm impressed with the interface, but I'm becoming increasingly dubious about the general quality of a Tumblr blog. It's probably more of a vanity thing...

Todd wrote:

@Matt: Yea, the new apps do add a certain amount of longetivity, but I tihnk after a month or two, we will have so many "music profile" and "extended info" apps that'll just saturate the market for them. Still, it may force others to make more unique ones. I am tihnking of making one for my site,, and maybe some others for upcoming sites.

Tumblr looks quite good, I may have to look at that a bit more!

Matt Newboult wrote:

@Stuart - You can edit the CSS in the template to make tumblr more like this site. I agree though, the basic templates are a bit naff. Here's my effort: I've not tweeked the CSS yet but was thinking about it. We could create some new templates for them!

@Todd - There are a lot of rubbish plugins for facebook, like the 'hot or not' crap but I think there are some genuinely good ones. There's video conferencing one and a video upload that I've added. But all this is early days. The apps will get better and more useful I think (as well as less bug-ey). We will wait and see.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Matt - Hopefully I might get a chance to play with the Tumblr CSS soon - maybe I'll release an official 'Modern Life' theme :-)

sam wrote:

when i first looked at the graph it was looking like some chart . Funny.

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