Google Reader has a Posse 17 February, 2007 — Stuart Brown

...and a surprisingly large lead in the RSS reader stakes

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I was moderately shocked today to see a jump of over 1,000 subscribers in my FeedBurner stats this morning - then I realised this was the first data push since Google started broadcasting their subscriber figures. Whilst I'm guessing these numbers don't differentiate between the different Google RSS features, such as the personalised homepage and Google Reader, one thing is clear: Bloglines no longer leads the way in terms of RSS aggregation.

With over 2.3x the subscriber figure, it would seem Google have a considerable margin - 36% as opposed to Bloglines now seemingly-paltry 15%. I mean, I knew the figures would be big - but I never thought they'd be this far ahead of Bloglines. Looks like Google may have yet another monopoly...