Full Feeds Ahoy! 16 December, 2006 — Stuart Brown

Posted in RSS and Syndication, Quick Posts

As much as I hate sites that tinker with their RSS feeds relentlessly, I've taken the plunge and moved to full article content in the RSS feed for Modern Life. I'm more of a read-on-the-site kind of person, but for those of you who practically live in your RSS client of choice it should save you a click.

Whilst I perhaps don't think the partial feed versus full feed debate is worth a petition, I'd be curious enough to discover if there is anyone who would prefer a partial feed over a full one. If there's any technical-related weirdness, let me know - I can't say I'm overly familiar with the effects of using <![CDATA[ ]]> to encapsulate RSS content. I fully expect a few feedreaders to balk at it, so if you want a return to the previous text only partial feeds, email me and I'll gladly set up and provide a link.