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Arpit Jacob wrote:

Thanks that was informative. I find it rather silly, that people write content with SEO in mind i.e. target search engines rather than users. They are most likely to have horrible looking sites with ads splattered all over the pages.

Boris wrote:

I think you can have a nice site with SEO in mind. If you don't have a little SEO in mind, you decrease the amount of users that will reach your site.

Arjun Muralidharan wrote:

Stuart, that is very good advice. I myself started out with a blog about a huge and wide topic, Apple, Technology and Electronic Lifestyle... but that was so obviously a failure, that I tightened my niche.

I did rake in visitors with my original idea, but no-one ever stuck. It was a quick and dirty way to get some interest.

I then switched my blog over to one about Student Life and Student Productivity, which focusses a topic that hugely successful blogs like 43folders and Lifehacker cover, but narrows it down to just students and studying.

I try to keep this close target audience of college students, but the information on my site is written in a way that it may be of value to anyone (or at least, I try.)

With the new, obscure idea I struggled for visitors, but recently there's been some pick up and I'm sure someone out there will eventually reblog me :-) .

Joanna Young wrote:

It makes sense as a concept. Do you have any advice on how to work out what your 'sweet spike' is?

Alan wrote:

I like it. Your point would be a lot stronger with a couple examples of companies positioning themselves in the "Sweet Spot."

Richard wrote:

Labelling the Y axis would help, too!

Todd Francis wrote:

Nice post. Such a simple concept, but if looked at properly, could help a lot!

Thomas Howard wrote:

I've never seen the Long Tail with that shape - I've always seen it with the peak on the far left without any "bell" shape. I would love to hear some real life examples of companies playing in this supposed Sweet Spot.

Fubiz wrote:

Very Nice schema

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