Comments: Forget design 'inspiration' - just stick to the basics 6 August, 2007 — Stuart Brown

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Todd wrote:

Some good advice there.

I definitely recommend sketching a design out first, or at least laying down a basic page, with all the key elements.

Typography always gets me. It seems all the modern fonts cost a stupid amount of money.

Stuart Brown wrote:

I think a lot of modern typefaces are a bit 'trendy' - they don't have the lasting appeal of some of the more classic types - they come along, get overused for a couple of years, then fade somewhat.

Dax is a great example of such a 'fashion' font from a couple of years ago - before that, DIN Mittelschrift/Engshrift were en vogue - and so on, probably to the dawn of printed type.

You can do a lot with the classics, though - you don't need to spring for the new typefaces unless you're in a particularly 'trendy' sector of design.

Jon Reil wrote:

Great article. I really liked your thoughts on usability. Such a key issue that can be overlooked... especially when a design starts to look great.

Markus wrote:

Hi, great article, I also like to sketch down sites first and then go to the computer, but the real reason I am posting is your new theme, I think it is the best so far. I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I think i saw all of them and also the "old" design, and this one is just the best so far.

Looking forward to more posts and designs,

Stuart Brown wrote:

Thanks guys :)

AL wrote:

You could've easily given an example that combine all of the points mentioned:

Modern Life.

Although that might sound bragging on your end, I seriously think it's one of the best blogs ever designed. And the way it changes colors each month or so is just brilliant. It's the only blog I read outside my feed reader.

Udi wrote:

Speaking of usability... Why have a separate page for comments? You'd get more of them and your readers would be able to enjoy them more easily if you put them on the same page as the post (like nearly every other blog).

That said, the site looks great and I enjoyed this post.

Bert Mostert wrote:

Good site, Great posts. Keep up the good work, Stuart.

Todd wrote:

Udi, surely that would also hamper usability, forcing the user to scroll down miles. unless you hide/show them using javascript.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@AL - It makes sense that I follow what I believe with my own blog, doesn't it? :-)

@Udi - The comments are still relatively new, so I may yet try a couple of new approaches with them - I might just see what effect having the comments on the same page does.

Razvan wrote:

Best article I've read in a while, thank you Stuart!

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