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Stuart Brown wrote:

First post!

Maris wrote:

Nice, now everybody will be able to say how great are your posts :)

Stuart Brown wrote:

Feedback is absolutely welcomed - and critical for continued improvement :)

I figured it was time to get to know the readership a little better - and shape the content to fit.

Navdeep wrote:

I had to say this long ago, but now got the chance.... I love your content. Keep it up

Michal Czyzewski wrote:

So do I. It's marvellous. I'm sure it is not very common on only-english-speaking sites, but have you considered converting to UTF-8? Meh, that's only a thought. Good luck with posting! As well as answering comments...

Chris wrote:

Love, love, love the site. I always head this way when I need some good input.

Oh, and a tiny bug. In one of the above comments http:// wasn't put before the URL and the backend didn't fix it.

strongblur wrote:

After reading your stuff for sometimes, now I have the chance to say "I love your contents! - very much".

:) Continue your work and good luck.

Nicolás Sanguinetti wrote:

Finally! :D

Daniel Swiecki wrote:

Awesome! Great work!

PHP is awesome.

Bryce wrote:

This is nice, every part of this site is really well designed

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Chris - Fixed :-)

@Daniel - It is indeed. Still sick of it, though!

All - Cheers for your nice comments, good to open up a channel for discussion at long last!

Riddle wrote:

Oh yeah, comments. :-)
I always wanted to comment your posts but I was too lazy for and e-mail. Great job, I love your posts (as well as design, it's fantastic - I just can't read MR in Google Reader).

Raz wrote:

I've only been reading your blog for a couple weeks; I'm eighteen, Canadian, and know a sum total of nothing re maintaining a website, let alone programming, so I've yet to figure out why I'm here... But, here I am.

Tracey wrote:

Even if you didn't have comments for me to plug myself in :P I'd still read this. You have a bit of everything, and you make it so that stupid people like myself can understand. And I love your diagrams and such, they always add a bit of spice!

Trevor wrote:

I love your designs! I think they're great.

This comment page is especially neat. Unlike others I've seen.

Keep up the great work!

NoWhereMan wrote:

At last!

Pete wrote:

Hey, about time you had comments.
I hear what you are saying about custom built CMS. It seems there is always something else to do and it becomes a never ending slog to change/add/fix stuff.

There is always the lure of Wordpress et al, but there always seems to be a reason not to go 'off the peg'. Perhaps you could write a piece about it? ;-)

Chris wrote:

18th post!

Good luck with commenting . Glad to see it.

Arpit Jacob wrote:

Wow I can't believe you didn't have a comment system till now. By the way won't it be better if it were on the same page as the articles. Than sending the user to a separate page.

Oli wrote:

You took your bloody time! =P

You know I love the site and I'm really interested to see what comments do for it.

You've always been able to keep everything fairly minimalistic because you've always really only had a very small amount of data to display (simple navigation, logo and the articles) but now that you're layering in user interaction, I'd love to see how you're going to keep everything simple, usable and minimal.

It's an issue I'm struggling with at the moment. I've always gone for the whole interaction thing and I'm drowning in the amount of data I have and what to display.

MrQwest wrote:

Wooo, Comments! It looks really really nice & works well too!..

Im impressed! I'm a great fan of your site & your content, so im looking forward to participating in discussions!

Andy Wheeler wrote:

Just jumping on the band wagon..great site, great content - I have linked to you; :)


Stuart Brown wrote:

Cheers guys!

Also, if you're wondering where the comment RSS feeds are - hold on, they're coming :)

George wrote:

Nice one - I thought it was a shame there were no comments on the site.

I've used Askimet on various sites and it does a great job. Gravatar drops in and out and I've had to turn it off a number of times. Shame as it is a great concept. Let's hope it is stable now.

Broom wrote:

its about time!

i like the format you've laid out too....

Adam wrote:

Finally!! I've been waiting for this feature for some time now. All your posts are really interesting and really helpful. Its better having a separate page for comments because its simpler and looks better on one page rather than it all shoved into one page.

Anyway thanks for all the great content and kepp it up!!!

Bernhard wrote:

The admin-comments are formated different, this just looks f**** up!

Ben Fairless wrote:

Finally! I have been waiting for this feature for ever. Spotted you going on about developing it through Twitter. Nice work! :)

Stuart Brown wrote:

Cheers Ben. I do occasionally post behind-the-scenes snippets on Twitter - I've probably mentioned some up & coming posts too :)

Vyoma wrote:

Ah! Finally! Finally!

I have been always reading this blog and have been heavily influenced by the design and approach to content. I always wanted to comment, but could not.

Now I can. :)

James Oppenheim wrote:

Nice work. BTW is have been subscribed to your RSS feed for a couple of months now and I have to say I love all the content that you post. Keep up the great work! If only I could post such interesting content on my site.

Deranged wrote:

Excellent. Have been reading avidly for a while now, and I am happy that I now have the option to comment. Good job, and I love the design. XD

ilker wrote:


You can stop comment spam with <a href="";>this plugin for WP</a>.

ilker wrote:

yuk.. you need to enable links!

Sohail Abid wrote:

hey, nice. but how about having comments on the article page below your article?

Am wrote:

i didn't think commenting was really necessary, but since you got them up... hi then. (^_^)/
u know what i love about your site? how the font *isn't* miniscule. Sooo easy on the eyes. ah.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Sohail - Perhaps, I may try integrating comments & the article on one page - could be a lot of vertical scrolling though!

@Ilker - Aye, I'll probably linkify stuff once I get a chance.

@Am - Nice to hear you like the larger fonts. I'm a fan too, but I seem to be in the minority with regard to most other sites out there.

ilker wrote:

Yeah I love the large fonts as well. Our blogs are indeed a minority in the blogosphere!

Anshul wrote:

At last commenting is active. Great content.

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