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I've been knee-deep in PHP this week, working on a multitude of projects - and I've finally found the time to implement bona-fide commenting in the backend Modern Life blog software.

Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary - it's a fairly conventional system, enhanced by spam filtering service Akismet (via the MicroAkismet implementation), and avatars via the service at Gravatar.

All future posts will have the comment functionality where appropriate, although they may close after a certain time has elapsed to prevent a cavalcade of spam. I'm also starting to rue the amount of work a custom-build CMS actually takes - the backend is, shall we say, sparse.

Onwards and upwards, though - it's all part of the maturation of the blog, and no doubt I'll be working on new features in the near future. Any ideas, suggestions, bug reports to the usual, or leave a comment - how novel!

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