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Maris wrote:

I was experimenting with ad placement about week ago and that's true that rectangle ads are best earners. And actually with placement optimization I even doubled my income. But there is another side of such activities - sometimes it is drastic to visitors and I recommend to keep balance between earnings and visual look of your site - it is the best for both sides.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Maris - Tis true. Getting the balance right is tricky!

Only putting ads on older articles can be a good trade-off, though.

Alejandro wrote:

Related question: Is there a way to use Javascript to display AdSense according to the viewer's User Agent? For example, not displaying Firefox referrals to Firefox users, or preventing Mac and Linux users from seeing "Google Pack" ads which don't apply to them.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Alejandro - Probably better to use the HTTP Server Variables in PHP ($_SERVER[]) or ASP and toggle the ad display code based on that. Using JavaScript to alter the AdSense code is against the TOS, so one needs to be careful.

Craig wrote:

Hi Stuart

Time delay display of ads? I like that idea.

I know being on TypePad I'm going to struggle to do this but how do you do it anyway?

David Airey :: Creative Design :: wrote:

I agree with the provision of full over partial feeds, so thanks for swiching.

I'll click through on partial, but in fact I'd be more likely to click-through if I read the full post in order to comment.

Alejandro wrote:

Thanks, I'll look into that.

Sue @ TameBay wrote:

Mmmm. *I* like the time-delayed ads idea too - very much. Thank you!

Deranged wrote:

This was quite useful, I've only have started thinking about ad optimisation and this post has given me some good starting points. Cheers mate...

Emphasis Development wrote:

Any kind of ads within the content section I find very off putting, and I am less like to bother reading, but we are all different.
I agree the idea of time delayed ads is a very good one.

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Craig - I'm running a custom build CMS, so it's just a matter of changing the logic :-) Not sure about TypePad to be honest.

Kat wrote:

Okay, I'm slightly off-topic, but I really love the May colors!

Stuart Brown wrote:

Thanks Kat :-)

Eli James wrote:

Same here (off-topic, I mean), the May colours rock, and you've decreased the font sizes. Absolutely brilliant!

Stuart Brown wrote:

@Eli - I'm trialling a new approach to the stylesheets - sadly I've had to make a couple of compromises for us folk on larger monitors (i.e. fixed width), but it should be a little more accessible now.

Suzel wrote:

I had thought about ad placement before, but I had no idea how it would work. As I am a new blogger I have been concerned about traffic, and how to improve my blog. I believe I should try some changes and see what is going to happen. Thanks !

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