AdCalc: PPC Estimation tool 14 September, 2006 — Stuart Brown

Predict your Adsense/YPN/et al. potential with this neat web tool.

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If you're a PPC publisher, using a service such as Google Adsense or the Yahoo! Partner Network, if you take it at least half seriously you're most likely a chronic statistics addict - I know I am! But what to do when you're up to date on today's stats? Why, you can make some earning projections, of course - and my new tool (largely created for my own benefit) can help.

Well, it won't help to increase your earnings - but it does let you tweak your CTR, CPM, and EPC to your hearts content, if only to dream of what you could be earning. Find out how much you're making per week, month, and even per year - assuming your traffic remains steady and the bottom doesn't fall out.

adcalc screenshot

AdCalc is available here: - enjoy, and send any feedback to the usual.