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Chris at LG wrote:

Good roundup of current design themes - though I wouldn't call them cliches, cliches by definition have become old and hackneyed, while these are just signifiers of a current trend or fad. What I think is most interesting is also how these themes are now escaping the web and finding their way into other media - a lot of print media and video also use cutesy characters, lush & rich backdrops, broken borders (especially in advertising). It's interesting to see how "web 2.0" is leaking slowly out and influencing design in other media - rather than the tradition of online design being derived from offline.

Stuart wrote:

Cliche is probably a little harsh - trend is probably a more accurate term. Give it another year or so, though, and some of the styles might be a little more tired :)

Things have definitely got a lot richer, more complex, in the last year - the web's slow to react to changes, but broadband penetration is high and CSS support is better than it's ever been (although some distance from perfect).

Ryan Stewart wrote:

IMO, has the best illustrations and 'cutesy' cartoons. Very well done list. I have certainly enjoyed most of these new design trends and am envious of the creativity/skill/talent it takes to create some of them.

Marc wrote:

Great roundup. Ironically, the next version of my website fits in a lot with these trends. I don't think these trends are bad, it seems refreshing to me and I think they will stick around for a while.

Michael Martin wrote:

Great collection. The designs this year have definitely been a lot more complicated, and a lot more "outside the box." I'm liking it a lot!

Todd wrote:

Good write up, and while cliché may be the wrong term now, they certainly will be soon.

However, I do like quite a few of those trends. Dark background / rich colours being one, and also the borders that break out.

tray wrote:

thanks for this list! i have also noticed these same trends. but this is a much nicer writeup of them than i would be able to create :-)

Armen wrote:

Nice post. I don't think you were overly incorrect to use the term 'cliche', but that's just me.

P.S. Am I blind, or is there no in-site way to submit your articles to Digg, etc?

Suffian wrote:

I want to make my RSS icon like the one on Daily Star. wrote:

Oh my god! That is hilarious. I am sorry, but I just don't find any of those sites to be as professional as they could be. Thats why I designed my publication all around grid design and fibonacci sequences. There is now a space open at my publication for contributing writers, there will be a space open for you guys! Contact me!

treena wrote:

Spot on.....and what about the popularity of 'distressed' typefaces?
I attribute the 'cartooney' stuff to Pixar and its enormous popularity and exposure. But I'm also seeing a real flow of images/colors/styles between commercial design/art and what's showing and selling in the fine art galleries......INTERESTING!

Ramenos wrote:

Hello. Thanks for your article. However, I think you forgot "uncluttered design", isn't it ? :)

Dustin Boston wrote:

I loved this roundup. I think you did a great job of capturing the movement of the current trends to the new trends. I posted a while back about 2006-2007 design trends ( but I really think these trends will carry on into mid 2008 if not almost to 2009. Oh, don't you love the new darker hues? BTW you have a fantastic design! I really dig it.

Chris Williams wrote:


I wouldn't call it a cliché just yet though. Anyone still sticking with common trends a year later maybe.

Jeffro2pt0 wrote:

Awesome post. As for myself, I've very much enjoyed browsing sites using the dark grey background with earthy and sometimes bright colors. These designs make Web 2.0 pastel colors look like BLAH!

Imar wrote:

I enjoy most of those visual treatments, but not those "cute" characters - hope that trend fades out soon! Typo in the sub-heading - "earty tones"?

Kara wrote:

Nice article. I also blogged about trends a few weeks ago. It's nice to see that as a design community we are all pretty much on the same page.

NoWhereMan wrote:

I love these posts :)

Calamansi wrote:

Most of these are so often emulated it's ridiculous. Not strictly limited to the web either, just look at some of the more popular magazines on the newsstand and I guarantee you will find an example of each and every one of these styles.

Jake wrote:

If you want a good example of a website that uses all of these just check out LoveBitesandBruises, it's a classic example of web cliches gone MAD.

Anon wrote:

Web 2.0 is the only cliche/trend of 2007. Great job leaving it out. Don't quit your day job...unless your day job is a web designer.

John wrote:

Broken borders a cliche? Well it has been done for years with Billboards I guess...

Mark Nutter wrote:

Great observations. I think you're pretty much right on as far as I've been able to tell looking at trends this year. I just got done writing my own article about the most irritating design trends of the past year that you may find interesting:

Ahmet Alp Balkan wrote:

Nice article, explaining really new trends at Web 2.0 '07 designs. Thanks :)

pieter wrote:

total nonsense
most of the things we've seen for years now
you sure don't surf a lot, at least not much further than the usual 'I-am-a-webdesigner-look-at-my-blog' websites

Stuart wrote:

A scathing counter-riposte, Pieter. I can only assure you I spend plenty of time surfing the internet, far beyond the safe harbours of the design clique.

But, like fashion, web design exhibits certain tropes and nuances that are 'en vogue' at any given point - and in my experience, it's the types of sites I linked to in the article that serve as such examples of design.

Sites by web designers pioneer web design trends shocker. Film at 11.

Char wrote:

I think you did a great job of summarizing the web "fashion" trends of the year. Like clothes, what's old is new, and then there are the classics. Some can get away with wearing the wild new fashions and on others, the "business suit" still looks best.

Found you via a Stumble - I'll be back for sure!

Josh B wrote:

You forgot "Light Bursts"

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