2006 Recap: Traffic trends 27 December, 2006 — Stuart Brown

Organicly grown?

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In the third (and most likely last) recap on the year that was 2006, we've got a graph (pretty much straight from Google Analytics, with some clever photoshopping to get the overlaid graphs) showing just how traffic to the site has grown since the launch in May / June this year.

Note that the graph lines above are plotted on separate axes and therefore show only relative growth between sources. Referral traffic is far, far ahead of both organic and direct traffic.

The pink line shows organic growth, from the major search engines. Google leads the way here, but like most of the other SEs is very cautious about giving a lot of traffic to less established sites. I suspect Google, Yahoo et al. use age as a factor in terms of scaling organic traffic, so with a spot of luck in 2007 we'll see further growth in this respect.

Referral traffic includes links from other blogs, and sites such as Digg and Reddit. The dip in October was due to the brief hiatus in posting - if you're after links then fresh, updated content is the way to go - but normal service continues growth nicely. It should also perhaps be noted that the figures in November and December are based on the site running on dedicated hosting - and could more comfortably accommodate the 'Digg' effect.

Direct traffic reflects a more loyal class of visitor - those who choose to visit from a bookmark, or direct type-in traffic. Some RSS subscribers (primarily desktop based) are included in this figure too.

So that's it for the 2006 roundups - I've got a few ideas for posts going into 2007 (and a few surprises in store, perhaps), so I do hope you all had jolly good holiday season and I do hope you'll join me in the forthcoming year.