2006 Recap: Top referrers 20 December, 2006 — Stuart Brown

Doling out some link love

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Things are winding down a little for Christmas here, and so it's time to wrap 2006 with a couple of recap posts - first off, it's a run down of the most prolific referrers to Modern Life. So who sent the most traffic our way this year then?

1. Digg  (digg.com, 156,000 visits)


Digg leads the way somewhat with 150,000 visits coming from there alone - must be something to do with the 12(ish) posts from Modern Life that made it onto the front page. Although it's been subject to criticism and calls of being rigged or gamed, if you've got the right content - and the right hosting - Digg can be an awesome source of traffic.

2. StumbleUpon  (stumbleupon.com, 36,000 visits)


If you've never heard of StumbleUpon, then you're missing out - it may be largely unseen, but the traffic potential is massive. Weighing in at 36,000 visitors and the second largest referrer, this social bookmarker / link dump toolbar is several shades more intelligent than Digg and more addictive than World of Warcraft. Seriously, it's that good. I had to uninstall because it was taking up all my time - users of an addictive personality perhaps should not apply.

3. Google  (google.com, 21,200 visits)


'Google' is a relatively new search engine that's far better than Altavista, Infoseek or even Lycos. You should try it sometime. Seriously, this site will catch on, just you watch.

4. Del.icio.us  (del.icio.us, 20,800 visits)


Superb social bookmarker and improbably URLed del.icio.us is another favourite of mine (go on, add me to your network), and, largely thanks to the popular page, has sent over 20,000 visitors our way.

5. Reddit  (reddit.com, 14,300 visits)


Reddit is like what Digg could be if you stripped away all the chrome and raised the average user IQ by 30. Although it does seem to have an odd programmer bias, Reddit is my preferred source of internet entertainment.

6. Lifehacker  (lifehacker.com, 13,700 visits)


Popular blog Lifehacker linked to us a couple of times a couple of months ago, sending a hearty 13,700 people our way. In case you've been living under a rock, Lifehacker is a popular blog with all sorts of nifty software hacks and general life tips that makes for an interesting read.

7. news.videoboys.tv  (news.videoboys.tv, 12,900 visits)


'Fresh news delivery' proclaims the header of this website. It's Japanese, so I haven't a clue what they're about or what they do - other than the fact that it's a tech news site with a bunch of interesting links.

8. Technology on Crack  (techoncrack.blogspot.com, 5,660 visits)


'Technology on Crack' is a weblog that got Dugg back in September, with a post on how to avoid the CIA. Despite being (effectively) a second-hand Digg, we had 5,660 people come our way via Technology on Crack. Not bad going!

9. Unoh Labs  (labs.unoh.net, 4,810 visits)


Popular Japanese weblog Unoh Labs sent us 4,810 visitors this year.

10. Attuworld  (was attu.blogspot.com - now attuworld.com, 4,750 visits)


Popular linkblog Attu world has since moved from its old location at Blogspot, but sent us 4,750 visitors in 2006. Awesome!

Honorable mentions

Buzz aggregator Popurls, (Arguably the best) RSS web reader Bloglines, Spanish tech news site Microsiervos, Spanish Digg clone Meneame, Tech news from CNET News, AJAX RSS home page Netvibes, and the ubiquitous Fark.

Oh, and massive thanks to everyone else who linked to Modern Life. I'll probably do this again next year, so send (tens or hundreds of) thousands of people my way and I'll give you a link. Sound fair? Great!