2006 Recap: Best posts 21 December, 2006 — Stuart Brown

A comprehensive summary of what was hot in 2006

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In part 2 of our 2006 recap series, I'll be listing some of the best posts on Modern Life in 2006. 'Best' in this case means the stuff that got the most attention, links, Diggs etc - essentially a run down of the most trafficked pages in the last few months. If you missed any, check them out - you might just like it.

Statistics Overload

Because I love stats, you love stats, everybody loves stats.

Top 10 Most Common Passwords
Dugg no less than 3 times, featured on Lifehacker and Reddit as well. By far the most popular post so far - not bad for my third entry.
IP Assignment, Per Capita
Featured on Digg, RocketBoom, and Fark. What can be achieved with little more than an IP to country database, population stats and a blank map to colour in, eh?
Who's Using What for RSS?
Featured on Digg, a rundown of the top 10 RSS feedreaders used to consume Modern Life.

Web 2.0 Shineyness

I know, I know - it's just a trendy keyword, but the Web 2.0 posts this year were pretty hot. It's probably died down a bit now, but 2006 was pretty much the year of Web 2.0.

8 Web Design Clichés of 2006
Featured on Digg & Reddit. Some people claimed June was too early to generalise for the entire year, but how wrong they were!
Web 2.0 Colour Palette
Featured on Digg & Reddit. Catching onto the Web 2.0 zeitgeist like nothing else, this post was written in about 5 minutes but did remarkably well, link-wise.
Great Fonts for Web 2.0
Featured on Digg and 9rules notes. More Web 2.0 frippery posing as design tips. I make no apologies.

Digg related stuff

Because everybody knows, Digg loves Digg.

How many Diggs do you need to make the homepage?
Featured on Digg, surprisingly enough. Complete with pretty graphs.
The Demographics of Digg
Featured on Digg, and with the most awesome pie charts, ever. A tutorial for those is in the works, by the way- watch this space.

Miscellaneous articles

Everything else, indeed.

How to Crash Internet Explorer
Featured on Digg and Reddit. A neat little trick to send IE into a headspin which I discovered whilst messing around with Javascript.
How To Write Great Headlines
Featured on Lifehacker. A neat little rundown of a few headline-boosting tricks.
Why Good Hosting is Important
Featured on Digg. I didn't expect this one to get Dugg, but I guess that's the way it goes sometimes.

Underrated stuff

Because sometimes, things go unappreciated. Some of my own picks that haven't been featured on a major site.

The Blogging Spectrum
Perhaps I'm just a sucker for the EM spectrum, but this one was well-researched and written, and didn't get any major link love. Just the way it goes, I guess!
How Viagra Spam Works
Again, well researched and with nifty little flow diagram, no Digg or linky love here either.